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To fill you in, Coccogelo is a Gelato outlet that sets itself apart by priding itself on its high quality, freshly made Gelato and its adventurous approach to creating new flavours.

The menu at Coccogelo is dreamt up by the chef's dedication to create the best gelato she can. Simply to satisfy and delight the taste buds of every customer that comes through the door.Coccogelo is represented by 5 characters, a bird, a hedgehog, a stag, a ram, and a rabbit. This wild bunch of explorers live in the mind of the Gelato chef and constantly embark on treacher- ous expeditions into the wild realm of the chef's imagination in search of new ingredients and inspiration for ever more exciting Gelato flavours.

Some quick facts about our Gelato:

Unlike Ice Cream, Gelato contains much lesser air and uses lesser butterfat which results in a fuller body with richer flavors. Our Gelato is made fresh everyday using the best and freshest ingredients we can lay our hands on. We constantly imagine, experiment and strive to achieve exciting flavors in a premium quality that will comfort and please our audience.

Mon: Closed
Tues - Thurs: 12pm - 9pm
Fri - Sat: 12pm - 10.30pm

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